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Michael Leventhal

Michael Leventhal is a Hollywood hyphenate... a high technology/entertainment/intellectual property/internet/new media attorney.

Technology and New Media Practice copyright law

Michael Leventhal's new media practice consists of and has consisted of representing multinational media companies in web and interactive television ventures, content providers, graphic artists and developers, interface designers, Web Site designers and developers, special effects companies, location based entertainment companies, public relations firms, industry executives, technology companies, entrepreneurs, marketing firms, consultants, sound designers, game designers, technical talent, and numerous unnamed start-ups in all aspects of the industry. The services Mr. Leventhal provides for these clients include intellectual property protection, contract negotiation, and business and legal consulting for established and emerging companies and individual projects.
Mr. Leventhal's New Media clients include: Interactive content and entertainment companies such as News Corporation, Fox, and, traditional companies including Fortune 500 companies, with regard to their web presences; webcasting firms, web developers, executives from entertainment and technology companies, e-commerce companies, developer/consultant/entrepreneurs, internet distance learning firms, high tech special effects companies, and technology companies. Mr. Leventhal's primary duties with regard to these clients include contract drafting and negotiation (development agreements, service agreements, technology and other intellectual property licensing agreements, web hosting agreements, executive compensation agreements and other employment agreements, licensing agreements, independent contractor agreements, etc.), protection of intellectual property and other rights (copyright and trademark applications, domain name protection, advice, dispute resolution, etc.), consulting on privacy and data collection policies, vetting of properties, corporate formation, drafting legal language for web sites, non-litigation collections, business and legal strategy, and other counsel.

Entertainment Practice entertainment law

Mr. Leventhal maintains an entertainment practice which includes the representation of musicians, record producers, record labels, managers, film and television production companies, directors, producers, and the occasional actor. Mr. Leventhal's traditional entertainment clients include: TV production companies, film production companies, authors, television media placement firms, executives, graphic artists; music producers, screenwriters, actors, musicians, artist managers; concert promoters, directors, and record labels. Mr. Leventhal's primary duties with regard to these client include contract drafting and negotiation (recording and publishing agreements, record production agreements, producer agreements, artist manager agreements, option agreements, and book publishing agreements), intellectual property protection (same as above), vetting of properties, dispute resolution, non-litigation collections, and business and legal strategy and other counsel.

Professional Background copyright law

Mr. Leventhal's experience in law and business began with his first several positions in radio, theater and at law firms, while still an undergraduate at UCLA in the mid-to-late-1970’s. He continued his affiliation with all manner of entertainment entities, such as record companies, management agencies and entertainment law firms through his graduation from UCLA in 1982 with a B.A. in political science. He has practiced law since his graduation from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles in 1985, and has handled entertainment matters since 1986. In 1988, he and David Codikow formed their own boutique entertainment law firm, located in Beverly Hills. For over four years, Mr. Leventhal was the managing partner of the firm which became Codikow, Leventhal and Carroll. During that time, the firm represented entertainers and business entities ranging from Nirvana, Concrete Blonde, Hole, Cypress Hill and Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge on the creative side, to Gold Mountain Management, New Line Cinema, and Mammoth Records on the business side. Mr. Leventhal ran his own firm from 1992 to 1998. He practiced as a partner in larger firms from 1998 through 2001 and has recently returned to private practice.

Miscellaneous entertainment law

Mr. Leventhal has written articles for numerous industry publications, and is a frequent lecturer on the subject of intellectual property rights and business in new and traditional media. He moderated an AOL cyberspace law forum in the mid-90’s. He is a founding member of Interactive Television Association and the executive in charge of its legal alliance committee, the former vice-president of the IICS Los Angeles chapter (consisting of approximately 500 members), has been a member of the Association of Internet Professionals, the Venice Interactive Community, and the Ethical Standards and Practices Initiative, which provided guidelines for the transaction of business between internet professionals.

Michael Leventhal Recent Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements (past 3 years) intellectual property law copyright law

  • Revisiting Innovations In Technology - How to Anticipate and Manage Legal Issues Associated with Emerging Technologies in Television, Music and Film. October 30, 2002
  • NAB: Capitalism - Entertainment for a Digital World. April, 2002
  • New Media/Technology - breakfast meeting participant with Congresswoman Jane Harman. Technology policy issues. May 2001
  • Wireless Content Legal & Business Issues Panel - iWireless World conference. April, 2001
  • Loyola Law School Internet & Technology Society - to law students and attorneys (firm and in-house). April, 2001
  • ABA Lunch Meeting - Napster (nationally attended). January, 2001
  • Intellectual Property and Digital Technology - in-house MCLE presentation. January, 2001
  • Los Angeles County Bar Entertainment Industry - Labor and Employment Law Conference; New Technology/Digital Rights Management/Intellectual Property Panel. December, 2000
  • Intellectual Property 101 - Presentation at the Mark Taper Auditorium. October 1999
  • VIC at the Skirball – Ownership of "Developer’s Tools." July, 1999
  • Governor’s Conference on the Arts, Digital Watermarking. December, 1998
  • Guest lecturer - numerous extension classes at UCLA 1995-Present
    copyright law entertainment law intellectual property law copyright law
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